BlueSky Professional Services: Custom Designed, Comprehensive Security

Matthew Hum, CTO and Principal Consultant, BlueSky Professional ServicesMatthew Hum, CTO and Principal Consultant
In the headlong race to ace digital transformation, often it’s observed that security takes a back seat. Specifically, when it comes to the APAC region, research by Trend Micro indicates that less than one in ten companies understand how cyber-attacks are unleashed. Network and security specialist Matthew Hum confirms this when he says, “Having started out in North America and then moving and working all over Asia, we realized that there is a surprising lack of cybersecurity awareness and effort being put in to protect digital assets.”

Enter Bluesky Professional Services, a one-stop security services and consulting company that is bringing leading-edge technologies and methodologies to Asia. Behind this novel initiative are industry veterans Bernard Lee, CEO and Matthew Hum, CTO and Principal Consultant of BlueSky who bring forth over five decades of combined experience, having worked with multiple leading vendors as well as the U.S. government.

Today, apart from a lack of knowledge, often Asian companies steer away from a comprehensive security strategy due to insufficient resources. As such, BlueSky’s aim is to offer best-of-breed security products and services at a budget that is suitable for clients. “One of our core tenets is that security is a right and not a privilege and everyone deserves to have access to quality services,” mentions Hum.

The company’s primary focus is on solving customer needs, and at the onset of every project, they evaluate each company’s risks to tailor the right suite of security solutions. Following this BlueSky presents multiple solutions of different vendor products with their pros and cons, and assists the customer to choose the best fit. “While working in ‘vendor-land’ we witnessed situations where products were sold focused more on profit,” recalls Hum. BlueSky’s vendor-agnostic and bias-free approach ensures that clients only pay for what they need and have the best product at their disposal, independent of any vendor.

One of our core tenets is that security is a right and not a privilege and everyone deserves to have access to quality services

Given the situation, BlueSky has also worked with open-source solutions at the most stringent of budgets.

Once a foolproof security plan is in place, the company then works with the client on how to best implement it and their in-house software engineering team, designs purpose-built, custom integrated solutions. “Our years of expertise in software, networking, and hardware engineering development, implementation and support experience provides a solid background and optimal security strategy above and beyond other providers,” says Hum with pride.

If that wasn’t all, the company also extends support services such as traditional MSSP and testing or auditing services to spot problem areas. “If the need arises we also offer Wi-Fi consulting and software and app development, but through it all security is our main focus,” affirms Hum.

BlueSky’s unique value proposition is better highlighted through the case in point of a large university in South East Asia. The client had opted for solutions from two vendors, but in the event of a problem, each vendor blamed the other. After several months of wasted investment with a network that caused multiple student issues, BlueSky was contacted. They traveled onsite, made adjustments to both vendors’ products, and even identified one or two bugs. In a week’s time, the customer had a working system and infrastructure along with the case reports from the individual vendors to follow up on. “This is why vendor agnosticism is one of our core values and we know that helps our customers,” states Hum.

Currently, the company is developing an automated support and tracking system, which they believe will help customers gain real-time insight as well as allow 24/7 feedback and support. In conclusion Hum remarks, “Our primary focus has always been, and will remain to be excellence in providing comprehensive security plans to our customers.”