GCIDT: Redefining Cybersecurity in Enterprises

K.S. Santosh Kumar, CEO, GCIDTK.S. Santosh Kumar, CEO
Cybersecurity and digital forensics are the most crucial segments for any enterprise or startup in the modern-day digital realm. However, not many organizations view cybersecurity as a principal solution, and consequently, their networks are vulnerable to both external and internal threats. As more data, digital solutions, and applications flood the market, it is a cause of concern that how little significance is bestowed on the security features of these developments. According to previous year’s global threat analysis, around 700000 cyber-attack cases have been registered in India alone. Arguably a big portion of this leniency toward cyber-related threats is due to unawareness and sheer lack of technical expertise as well as appropriate technology tools to efficiently combat threats such as ransomware and data theft.

Bridging this gap to reinforce broader cybersecurity awareness, GCID stands resolutely alongside the law enforcement bodies of the nation as a shield for modern enterprises in the battle against cyber threats. K.S. Santosh Kumar, CEO of GCID says, “Cybersecurity is not limited to monitoring of the network but it means being equipped with a digital forensic setup as a part of all the enterprises.”

With a team of seasoned experts, GroupCyber ID Technology (GCID) specializes in mobile phone forensics, computer forensics, cell site mapping and analysis, intelligence and investigations, along with services and solutions in domains of Information Security, Digital Forensics, and Fraud Management . The company helps in the implementation of the best practices in digital forensics, eDiscovery, and cyber defense services.

According to Kumar, cyber security issues not only stem from outside sources, but also from inside the organization.

Cybersecurity is not limited to monitoring of the network but it means being equipped with a digital forensic setup as a part of all the enterprises

It’s significantly riskier if the attack is carried out by an organization’s employees as the threat is often times unexpected or unknown. GCID provides an in-depth security, built for these organizations to have their insider threats monitored, right from the time a person enters the office to the time of their exit. “We also help the law enforcement in ensuring that they don’t penalize the innocent people, whose names have been misused through fake registry or IDs.”

Illustrating one similar case study, Kumar cites the example of an insider attack on Abiba Systems. An individual from another company joined Abiba and leaked all their data through an internally built honeypot within Abiba’s network. Any new applications or solutions being updated on the network were being sent out to another external server that was run by this individual that eventually allowed the rival organization to gain a competitive edge against Abiba without any investment or research. After Abiba sought GCID’s help to analyze the situation, the culprit was discovered to be an ex-employee who orchestrated the entire data theft along with the help of some internal employees in the coding team. After a thorough forensics performed on Abiba’s systems, the company was able to track down all the members who were involved in the act by analyzing their chat messages. Thereafter, GCIDT built a robust cybersecurity solution with the help of their Blue Live product that enabled Abiba with exceptional visibility to prevent any such attack further in the future.

GCID is constantly focused on adding technological enhancements to its array of solutions and delivering them to multiple organizations across the world. The company plans to expand its reach to the markets of Israel and U.S. with a more established presence in other cities of India. “Our business is growing rapidly within the country. Infact, by the end of March 2019, we are looking at substantial billing revenue coming our way, in terms of services alone,” concludes Kumar.