nwStor: Fortifying Security Posture and Resilience

Chan Ng, CEO, nwStorChan Ng, CEO
Enterprise security has been a battle of wits from the beginning: the cybercriminals try to find the loopholes and the administrators strive to close them. Ironically, today’s emerging technologies that bring evolutionary innovation and convenience also cut both ways. As sophisticated hackers have the potential to attack even well-fortified firewalls, protecting an organization’s valuable assets and business information has become a great challenge. Besides, the excessive use of mobile, BYOD, and internet-enabled devices outside firewalls and networks have added further pressure to protect sensitive data. In order to combat these growing cyberthreats, businesses today are in search of proactive, cutting-edge security solutions that can prevent cyber-attacks and protect the sensitive business information.

One company making giant strides in helping customers fortify data from anywhere and anytime against both insiders as well as external hackers is Hong Kong-based nwStor. A prominent data security solutions provider, nwStor is at the forefront of offering enterprise-wide cyber security detection and protection through advanced processes and technologies. “Our forte lies in protecting the data even if the network is broken, and preventing insider threats,” says Chan Ng, CEO of nwStor.

At the core of nwStor’s highly secure and reliable data security solutions are their Condor and iSav products. nwStor’s Condor is a data security platform that allows IT administrators to control enterprise data dynamically anytime and anywhere, regardless of its location or possession. Through Condor, data owners can monitor, track, and manage users who can access the data, what data, at what time, and more. nwStor’s Condor is second to none when it comes to encryption software solutions. The company encrypts each file or message with a unique AES 256b key.

Our forte lies in protecting the data even if the network is broken, and preventing insider threats

“In case, if data owners lose one key they will lose only one file and not the entire folder, this way they minimize the risk,” says Chan Ng. By saving encryption key and data in different systems, Condor makes it easy for users to recall the stolen data. The Condor platform also allows users to share data securely with authorized users through cloud, smart phone, email, USB storage, and more. An unauthorized person can request permission to data access from a data owner without retransmission of data.

According to Chan, most people in APAC prefer chat apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., for communication over email. However, chat apps are blocked in some nations like China due to data security concerns. nwStor addresses these concerns by integrating an independent and secure chat feature to Condor. Message, including file message, can be recalled anytime, even after it has been downloaded. Blocking a contact by a user will disable the contact from opening all previous messages sent by the user. Condor Secure Chat System can be a totally self-contained and owned by an Enterprise.

nwStor offers another product named iSav, a data security appliance that is configured between client PCs and file servers to provide protection for sensitive data on local servers and NAS. iSav encrypts/decrypts each file transparently when write to/ read from the file server. nwStor’s client roster includes Hong Kong and Macau Governments, cloud platform provider, enterprises, SMEs, SOHO, and professional personal users around the globe.

The company is likely to expand its footprint in the Asia Pacific in the next two years as they are gaining more attention from Malaysia and Singapore. Along the path of product expansion, nwStor is currently developing secured real-time calls with a unique encryption key for each call. “We are also working on IoT security since we have a simple but highly secured technology to secure a vast number of IoT devices and their data outside of a firewall,” concludes Chan Ng.