Banff Cyber Technologies: Next-Gen Web Cyber Security

CIO VendorMatthias Chin, Founder & CEO
“Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day with 40 percent of data breaches occurring through web applications,” begins Matthias Chin—a passionate tech entrepreneur specializing in cloud and web security—as he touches upon how major corporations are falling victim to the nimble work of cybercriminals. With the rising incidents of cryptojacking and DDoS attacks, Matthias stresses that infection of websites has surged by a record high of 1200 percent this year. What corporations now seek is a robust web security system that serves as a primary shield to protect the reputation, confidentiality, and integrity of any business with an online presence.

Enter Banff Cyber Technologies. Founded by Matthias, Banff Cyber leverages all components of web security against cyber attacks—from web application firewalls and defacement monitoring, to threat detection and quick failover restoration. The firm mitigates the malady of its clients in choosing the right product to integrate with their systems without any friction.

It all began in November 2013, when Banff Cyber was born as an anti-web defacement outfit, in response to a litany of web defacement incidents across the country, including the high profile web defacement of an important Singapore government website. Today, the firm has evolved beyond web defacements to address a myriad of cyber threats with its unique value proposition of a sound architecture, independent platform operable on the multi-cloud environment, smart monitoring, and threat detection algorithms. What makes Banff Cyber second to none is the longevity of their products and their capability to stay relevant to address the new emerging threats.

Banff Cyber offers WebOrion, an “All- In-One Web Security Suite”, to help its clients “Fortify, Monitor and Accelerate” their web applications in a frictionless and holistic manner. WebOrion’s uniqueness stems from its ability to detect incoming threats via the Defacement Monitor on top of the Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects a website; and, allows for quick countermeasures to be deployed in the form of a failover to a secure web replica if the website is compromised.

Banff Cyber offers WebOrion, an 'All-In- One Web Security Suite', to help its clients 'Fortify, Monitor and Accelerate' their web applications in a frictionless and holistic manner

As part of its cybersecurity methodology, the Web Security Suite consists of the WebOrion Protector, which serves as the first line of defense with a robust set of rules to fend off incoming distributed denial of service (DDoS), and top ten open web application security project (OWASP) attacks. The second element, WebOrion Defacement Monitor, uses high image pixel analysis, automated integrity checker and high fidelity monitoring of websites with HTML code analysis, and the third element, WebOrion Restorer, uses a unique replication process to create a secure replica of the original website.

Banff Cyber’s business model is based on an annual subscription plan. “Depending on the deployment mode, we typically require a few weeks for Cloud Deployment to 3 months for on-premise solutions,” adds Liew Hui Ming, General Manager and Partner, Banff Cyber. Recently one of Banff Cyber’s clients, a non-profit organization, had its website compromised or cryptojacked through a malicious script injection. The client’s public website which boasts high visitor traffic, was protected by a third-party Web Application Firewall, as well as integrated with Banff Cyber’s WebOrion Defacement Monitor. The incident occurred when the hackers managed to punch through the third-party Web Application Firewall, but the impact of the attack was immediately mitigated as it was detected by the WebOrion Defacement Monitor. The organization’s IT Team quick response to mitigate the threat and contain the potential fallout, was triggered by the countermeasures WebOrion provided with the failover to the secure web replica.

Banff Cyber strives to harness the full potential of deep learning and artificial intelligence to further enhance the existing web monitoring and protection mechanisms. Serving a client-base comprising banks, telecom companies, and government agencies across Asia and Australia, Banff Cyber aims to expand its outreach and impact beyond the APAC region.